About Us

About Closet Class

Closet Class is run by two college sophomores at James Madison University studying Media Arts and Design.  Our mission is to inspire other college students to make every outfit fashionable for every occasion.  We will be spotlighting one look every week for a new occasion relevant to a college student’s lifestyle.

About Emily

As mentioned early, I am a sophomore at James Madison.  At JMU, I study Media Arts and Design and Art.  When I am not at JMU, I am at my home in Richmond, Virginia.  I am very excited about this blog because it is my first time blogging.  I have always loved fashion though and I have previously worked in retail.

About Christina

Also a sophomore at JMU, I am double majoring in Media Arts and Design and Spanish. I was born and raised in Wilmington, Delaware and decided to pursue my college career in VA. I love to inspire other students to dress their best for every occasion and encourage taking fashion risks. This blog is a great way to share advice with our fellow fashion-oriented undergrads.


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