Sales, Swaps, and Steals

The stress of shopping can be an overwhelming occasion. You’ve been searching at the mall all day between racks of clothing with no luck finding the perfect accessory to top off your outfit. Or maybe you’ve found the perfect piece, but it’s completely out of your price range. That’s when you turn to Vinted. Vinted is an app and website where members can browse through and upload pictures of clothing items in order to buy or sell them at discounted prices.

When signing up for an account, Vinted recommends potential purchases by getting a feel for the user’s general fashion interests. After providing a short questionnaire based on the user’s ideal trends, brands, sizes, or price ranges, it offers suggestions on the home page for items she might be interested in purchasing. This site makes shopping so much easier because it is full of trending items, conveniently sold at discounted prices.

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 5.56.06 PM Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 5.44.11 PM

(Photos taken from Vinted website.)

This site can be a great way to make some monetary gains on items that haven’t been worn in 2 years, but ones that somebody else might still enjoy. The website describes three key ways to be a successful seller on the site.

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 5.36.11 PM

(Photo taken from Vinted website.)

First, it’s important to photograph the items in their best and most accurate condition so as not to dupe potential buyers (Vinted, 2015). Providing a completely honest representation of the item in the photograph will create positive feedback from purchasers. Not to mention, showing how the pieces look on a person will appear much more enticing than ones strewn over a couch or on the floor.

The second tip the website suggests is to mark the item at a fair price (Vinted, 2015). If the item is sold for an unreasonable price, browsers will notice the disparity, and the chances of a sale will significantly decrease. Marking the price down from its original purchase price is a key tip for selling on Vinted—if it’s outrageously more expensive, browsers will quickly scroll past it because it won’t compete with similar products at lower costs.

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 11.44.54 PM

Finally, response time should be as quick as possible (Vinted, 2015). Consumers want to know that the seller is prioritizing the sale, so providing feedback in a timely manner will increase the potential of the sale not falling through. If the seller waits too long to respond, the interested buyer will be more likely to either lose the desire to buy it or find another offer.

Vinted encourages the communal aspect of the selling and swapping process as well. After all, it is a social media site where users create accounts and interact with each other. Users share common fashion interests and help each other discover new products. The ultimate goal of this site is to encourage the buying and selling of trending clothing products on a more casual basis, and it is succeeding. With an impressive 6 million users since its 2008 launch date, Vinted is a social media site you do not want to miss out on (Expanded Ramblings, 2015).



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2 thoughts on “Sales, Swaps, and Steals

  1. This was a really cool article about an app that I’ve never heard of before. I always have a problem trying to figure out exactly what to buy when I go shopping, especially when I go to really large stores like Forever 21 and H&M. A lot of times I leave empty-handed or with so much stuff that I never really end up wearing- either way shopping at the mall can sometimes be a total waste! I think checking out this app would be really beneficial to me and I really like that it covers trending items and caters to your own personal style. It also seems like a great way to sell your own clothes and share what you’re selling with your friends. It’s amazing how social media can make everyday tasks like shopping so much easier and more fun to do!
    – Christina (4/23 at 12:25pm)


  2. I’m a big fan of this program! It’s great to see that people aren’t just throwing away their old clothes and even better to see that people actually want to buy used things! I did not realize how important social media was for the fashion/clothing industry until reading blog posts like this one. This website looks user-friendly and they have a good concept, not too mention a perfectly fitting name! This reminds me of Etsy in a way because it is for normal, everyday people and not just controlled by a big clothing company. Overall, this is an informative blog post and it’s great to learn the trends of the fashion world!

    -myriam assaadi


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