Off to the Mallzee

Mallzee, created in 2012, is by far the most social application I have seen for the fashion industry. It is more than just a personal shopper. It gives you the same experience of shopping with your friends on your very own phone. The best (or maybe worst) part about heading to the mall with your friends is getting their advice on everything you pick up. So many fashion applications focus on one person and what they want. Mallzee takes it to the next level and make a fashion application actually a fashion social media application.

(Video from AngelList)

The founders of Mallzee believed that shopping should not be affected by finding time to go to the mall. They wanted to achieve an easier way to get shopping done. Mallzee is home to hundreds of store ranging from name-brand stores to one of kind boutiques. Mallzee is growing popularity and now has over two million users (CrunchBase, 2014).


(Screenshot from Mallzee‘s website)

The application is sometimes known as Tinder for fashion because of the similarity in swiping one way or the other depending on whether you like something or not. Swipe right if you like and to the left if you don’t! It is as simple as that. Mallzee also creates style quiz that allows the application to better highlight items that it believes you would be more likely to like (Spence, 2013). Features like this is what creates that personal shopper feel. It is catered to the user. To find clothes, you can start with a category and then get more specific with price range, color, and more until you find something that interests you. If you can’t decide whether you want to buy an item or not, that is when the social aspect kicks in. You can ask other users to weigh in on their opinion by liking, disliking, or commenting on the item. This gives the experience of having your friends by your side while shopping. This application takes it a step further though, if enough of your friends dislike the item, Mallzee will actually disable the buy button so you many not purchase it (O’Hear, 2013). Even your friends cannot do that to you at the mall!


(Screenshot from Mallzee’s Pinterest profile)

Something I found interesting and different about Mallzee is that they have their own social media accounts on other networking sites. Mallzee has their own Pinterest, Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram which they utilize to share about the fashion industry instead of just update you on their company. Having other social media accounts almost personifies Mallzee and makes it more of a brand name. By looking at Mallzee’s Pinterest, you get a better feel for the application as a whole. It gives the application its own style and personality. Not only are you using the application, but you are following them and learning more about them. This makes Mallzee feel way more interactive and personal.



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3 thoughts on “Off to the Mallzee

  1. This is crazy! I have never heard about Mallzee until now. Who knew that they literally have an application for everything! Shopping used to be a special event, at least for me, where you would get to go out and make a day of it. However, now it seems like it is just a casual everyday thing. This program takes it to a whole new level with adding a style quiz to it, which I guess is kind of neat because not a lot of shopping applications have this interactive feature. It is also cool because it allows your friends to see what you are looking at as well rather than them having to be there in person with you. The real question is however, is this necessarily a good thing? It almost takes away from those days when you were excited to go on an outing to the mall!

    -Madi Say


  2. This is mind-blowing…. I still can’t believe they make an app FOR EVERYTHING. There is definitely a sense of convenience in this system. I don’t use it but from your explanation I can see how it would save a lot of time for people who wouldn’t have to go to the physical mall! Personally, the mall isn’t appealing to me and well, shopping isn’t a big hobby of mine either. However, I still respect the innovations of this app. I think it is very interesting that they made it such a social experience for the users. Having a social aspect is important for an app these days, especially because all of the developers are including it and users are more inclined to share what they’re done/bought.

    -Myriam Assaadi


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