Fashion Week in a Snap

Most people think of Fashion Week as something only for celebrities and the elite, but now anyone with a social media account can be in on all of the action. Before this year, I did not even know that there were Fashion Weeks in so many major cities, until I saw their updates on the application Snapchat. Snapchat was one of the many social media outlets that brought light to Fashion Week.


(Image retrieved from Luxury Daily)

Snapchat is especially popular to teens and young adults and it all about being in-the moment (Holmes, 2015). For those of you who are not familiar with the more recent versions of Snapchat, not only can you now send the photos or “snaps” to your friends, but you can also publish them to your “story” which allows all of your friends to watch them for twenty-four hours. Someone’s story is similar to a Facebook status in that it shares what that person is doing at a certain moment in time. Snapchat then took this idea one step further by creating stories for specific events. This is where Fashion Weeks came in. Each Fashion Week, whether it be New York, Milan, or one of the other major cities, had its own story that people at specific Fashion Week events could submit their stories to for all Snapchat users to see (Mulshine, 2014). People who work at Snapchat then go through the submitted stories to make sure that none of them are too similar to each other to ensure that their users will be entertained.

lfw1 copy

(Image retrieved from HisWardrobe)

It was not just audience members submitting their snaps, but also designers like Michael Kors and models like Kendall Jenner. Just one of Michael Kors’ snaps was viewed by 14.6 million users in just the twenty-four hours that it was available to be seen (Holmes, 2015). Snapchat gave everyday people the ability to see backstage at Fashion Week from the models getting hair and make up done to leaving to walk the runway. Backstage at Fashion Week seems like a once in a lifetime experience, yet anyone could now experience that on the smartphone.


(Image retrieved from Harper’s Bazaar)

Snapchat has a sense of transparency to it that other applications just do not seem to have. Users were able to see first-hand experiences of fashion icons and stars at an event that is traditionally not very public (Barinka, 2015). The quality of Snapchat’s pictures and videos is low, but some people think that is why they like it. It makes it easier for people to feel more include and like they can be there. It is a rather strange concept. Photos and videos on Snapchat can also not be edited other than a few preset filters, adding limited text, and drawing on the image. This contrasts Instagram, which gives celebs the ability to make the picture to their liking. Now anyone with a phone at Fashion Week could be posting.

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