Have you ever made a bulletin board with random clippings from magazine of clothes or outfits you wish you could have? Though this system may have slightly worked, it did have its flaws. What if you wanted to showcase two pictures, but they were printed back to back? There was always the issue of spilling or ripping something as well.

Then came along Pinterest and all of these problems disappeared. Since its creation in 2010, Pinterest has constantly been growing and now has over 70 million users (thenextweb). Pinterest user group is even higher than Facebook and Twitter’s was when they were at this age (Crook, 2012). Pinterest is a heavily image-based social media sharing website. You can access Pinterest online or by downloading their application on your smart phone or tablet. Like many other social media sites, when opening Pinterest, you see your news feed that is made up of recent pins made by the users you follow.

Now let me explain what “pinning is.” While searching through Pinterest, by selecting a category or looking at pins on someone else’s profile, you will stumble upon something you like. When you see a post that interests you, you “pin” it. Pinning involves sharing the post onto one of your boards that you created.  Boards are similar to folders on a desktop.  They store information, by also putting them into categories.  You could have a “Summer Weather Clothes” board, a “Sun Dresses” board, or any other way that will help you best organize your profile.  A new thing Pinterest added was secret boards.  Now you can make boards that our only viewed when logged into your profile.  These can be used for trying to get ideas for a friend’s gift or any other occasion where you would want to keep the board confidential.


Pinterest can help keep you up to date on all of the latest fashion trends.  During New York Fashion Week, designers and brands that are featured in Fashion Week create boards.  This is not just a synopsis of the clothes they will be showing, but a more behind-the-scenes look at what goes into their Fashion Week (Gesenhues 2013).  When introducing this idea, Pinterest even had top designer, Michael Kors, explaining how Pinterest will help his customers.  Pinterest has also now done the same thing for Fashion Week in London, Milan, and Paris.



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Image 1 : http://blog.templatemonster.com/2012/01/11/pinterest-businesses-guide/

Image 2: Screenshot from Spring Summer 2013 Board

Video: Link is embedded


One thought on “#Pinning

  1. Pinterest is a wonderful resource for all things fashion! I have used it in the past to make style boards for myself and for friends. One of my favorite things to use Pinterest for is costume design inspiration! I am a theatre minor and have taken a few classes that involve costume design. Our professor told us about professional, Broadway designers that create inspiration boards to refine their concept for a costume. It’s a really easy way to go through and pin things that you think you want your design aesthetic to look like, but it also makes it really easy to take pieces off if you decide later that you want a costume to have a different look. I think this concept translates perfectly to the way we dress ourselves. The “costume” or style that we wear every day can be refined by giving us access to a site with every fashion available!
    -Megan E. Grayson


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