Centralize Your Style

Have you ever wanted to find a way to mix and match all of your favorite fashion pieces into one centralized location to see what they would look like as an outfit?

Polyvore is a social media site and app that all fashion-oriented individuals should be aware of. Polyvore is a site where members can use their creativity to express their fashion sense by creating collages of outfits based on their personal style. Not only can individual users create sets, but fashion companies can also utilize the site to showcase pieces in their clothing lines and how they would style them (SEO, 2014).

This Youtube user provides a short tutorial on how to create a “set” on Polyvore by adding pictures of different pieces of clothing to create an outfit.

Users create accounts and can comment on “sets” that they particularly enjoy and discover new members that have styles similar to their own.

polyvore ss1 polyvore ss

(Pictures taken from Polyvore website.)

Polyvore combines a lot of techniques to create success within the fashion industry. First of all, it puts the creation of new trends in the hands of the general public, so anybody can create a set and influence buyers, rather than just the leading fashion companies. Polyvore also provides links to the items of clothing in one centralized location (in the collage itself) so that viewers can easily find out how and where to purchase them (Polyvore, 2015).

A key component of new apps and social media sites today in order to gain success is to allow users to connect with other, more prevalent social media sites.

For example, providing the option to sign up through Facebook or including social media buttons so users can follow the company on Instagram or other sites are useful techniques that help create a larger community and bring more popularity to the site. The fashion industry can gain even more success by including these techniques because users can post on these other sites, which generates more traffic to the new site.

polyvore 1

(Picture taken from Polyvore website.)

The site also comes in the form of an iPhone or Android app to cater to mobile users and increase on-the-go use. Most young people seem to be glued to their phones these days, so this element really shows the forward-thinking nature of the site.

(Gif from http://giphy.com/)

Polyvore is a great way to explore not only different fashion trends and styles, but it also showcases sets based on beauty and home trends as well. This way, users can have a huge database of pictures and links to look through to inspire their fashion, beauty, and home decorating needs.

This app and site really accelerates the process of finding new style pieces for fashionistas in the world, and in turn, helps out the fashion industry itself.


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