Want, Need, Love

Wanelo (named after want, need, love) refers to itself as a mall on your phone and that truly is the best way to describe it (Varshavskaya 2015). It is pretty dangerous for your average shopaholic. Wanelo is much larger than your average mall with over 350,000 stores and then multiple products in each store (Varshavskaya 2015).


Any type of shopper can enjoy Wanelo. The products range from high-end name brands to boutiques to Etsy shops. The types of products also vary greatly. Wanelo is not just a clothing site, beauty products, furniture and other home goods are just as popular (Geron 2013). Right now this is sounding like a pretty girly site, but they do sell stuff for men too! On the home feed you can filter by gender.

Wanelo is a lot more than an online store; it is a social networking site. Just like most social networks, a majority of the site’s use is via a mobile device (Soller 2014). When you sign up for Wanelo, you create a profile just like any other social network and then from there you can save different products into categories of your choice and also follow other users with similar taste. Hashtags are used to help find specific categories or looks. With individual products you can like them and comment on them. You can purchase products directly from the site or choose to keep it on your profile for your friend to see so they can purchase it for you! It is a great way to give your friends and family ideas for around your birthday and the holidays.

When founder, Deena Varshavskaya created Wanelo, she made it around the people that use it. It is meant to make shopping easier. Now all of the products you want, from all different stores can be found in one convenient place. Customers are not limited to a particular style or look because they can now easily browse many stores. There also ways to filter what shows up on your feed to personalize it more. I think the price range filter is definitely a money saver!


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