The Hunt Is On

Have you ever heard of the phrase, “there’s an app for that”? It seems like an app for basically every purpose known to man has been created in our modern world, and just within the fashion industry, there are a ton of useful ones. They vary from tips on fashion vocabulary, to style inspiration, to swapping clothes. This week in Closet Class, I’m going to introduce a new, helpful fashion app that some of you fashion-obsessed people out there might not have heard of.

It’s called The Hunt.

The Hunt

The Hunt 2

This app perfectly ties in the close relationship between social media and the fashion industry because it is an app where users can sign up, create a profile, and help each other search for desired fashion pieces. Sounds pretty useful right? As Youtube video blogger Rachel Talbott explains, The Hunt consists of a whole community of fashionistas helping each other out and finding sites where others can purchase their searched-for item (2013). In fact, The Hunt is even on this year’s list of Harper’s Bazaar top 11 fashion apps (Fisher, 2015).

The app’s Youtube page contains a video with testimonials by other fashion video bloggers.

Often browsers of Instagram, Tumblr, or Pinterest will come across a fabulously chic outfit that they want so badly to recreate, but they have no idea where they can purchase the items (“CBS,” 2014).

For example: I found this cute kimono on Pinterest- perfect for festival style. But I need to know where I can find one just like it!


So I upload the picture to the app or the website and start a hunt. And soon enough..Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 6.22.42 PM

Somebody finds a similar style kimono just like the one I’m searching for, in my exact price range!

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 6.23.41 PM

The Hunt allows users to solve the problem of finding a clothing item by posting their “hunts,” or their searched-for items, on the app and allowing their followers to find links for where to purchase them. The app seriously expedites the process of having to search the whole web to track down a specific clothing item. The Hunt uses hashtags to find pieces similar to those in question, and it even goes beyond helping find specific items by having members of the community help each other plan outfits based around a certain trend or clothing item (Fisher, 2015).

The opportunities of finding fashion inspiration today are endless, but spotting the perfect finishing touch for a killer outfit and finding out where to buy it has never been easier today thanks to apps like The Hunt.


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One thought on “The Hunt Is On

  1. What! This sounds awesome! I had no idea apps like this existed and I’m so happy I do now! There are always items I wish I had but have no idea where to find. I’m definitely going to download it. New apps like this are so beneficial for the fashion industry because they allow fashion lovers to connect and increase their own personal style. These types of apps can also help promote other social media sites. If you found something cute on Pinterest and someone saw your post but didn’t have Pinterest they may become interest in creating their own account. The more people use social media the more opportunities fashion bloggers or fans have to share their love for fashion. These apps that you discussed, and were mentioned in the Harper’s Bazar article, are such a great, innovative ways for people to connect and dive deeper into the fashion world. Thanks for introducing me to The Hunt!


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