Instagram and the Fashion Industry

Fashion is all around us.

Whether we’re seeing it posted on billboards or expressed through our classmate’s funky accessories, it’s always present. But in our modern, digital world, one of the best ways to find different fashion trends, especially for college students, is through social media.

Everybody is familiar with the term social media and how crucial it is to the modern world. What would we do without our daily dose of Instagram or Twitter? Social media is not only a great way to find out about what’s going on in the world, but it also helps promote different fashion techniques. Whether it’s with DIY projects, complete outfits, or current trends, social media sites are how modern fashionistas keep up with the latest styles and even how the fashion industry gains so much of its success.

According to Gillett (2014), Instagram is the most successful social media outlet that converts browsers to shoppers. That means the fashion industry has the potential to make a ton of sales just from your morning browse through your Instgram feed.

As Helmrich explains, Instagram has all the essential social media functions for promoting brands (2015). With liking, commenting, following, and hash tagging abilities, users can discover new ideas and trends from clothing companies they already enjoy and share those new trends and companies with their friends- hence the industry’s success!

Since social media sites like Instagram are so popular and widespread (300 million monthly users, to be exact), companies within the fashion industry can gain so much more popularity and business than with traditional advertising- especially since the nature of this industry is extremely visually appealing, which is what attracts Instagram users in the first place! (Smith, 2015).

So the next time you scroll through Instagram and share a post of a trendy outfit with a friend, think about how you’re helping the fashion industry become even more successful- which means, you guessed it, even more cute pictures to scroll through. Happy browsing.


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One thought on “Instagram and the Fashion Industry

  1. Fashion is indeed everywhere. Labels own corners on streets and dominate the newsfeeds on our phones. The way that the fashion industry has taken social media over is something I’d not given much thought to, but is definitely evident. I see more fashion related trends on Pinterest than on Instagram, but the more that the Instagram app and company develop, the more I see brands going to the platform for advertising and marketing and those resources being viable tools for their companies. I’ll be interested in seeing how these trends mature as the publics fascination with social media also matures.

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