What is your Campus Wearing?

The fashion world is vast to say the least. There are so many trends to follow, but have you ever wondered what is happening on your specific campus? CollegeFashionista is all about what is happening on college campuses and was founded by a college student. CollegeFashionista reaches more than 500 universities in multiple countries and has over 1,500 writers (Sweeney, 2014). This is just the start for CollegeFashionista because it is growing!

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 5.50.09 PM

The writer of every post is a student from their specific university and they are called “Style Gurus.” Creator, Amy Levin, really credits the student writers for the success as they are the ones following trends (The Fashionista Advancing Street Style, 2014). The position of “Style Guru” is an applied position and potential applicants must have had previous photography or journalism experience. Every week, all writers have to submit their posts ahead of time to be approved. You can search by school and browse all of their Style Gurus. From there, you can pick your favorite writer based on their bios. Each Style Guru will post weekly to keep you up to date!

All posts are based on a specific look. Each post has photos of the look, a description, and then links to wear you can purchase the products to help you achieve that specific look. CollegeFashionista’s mission is for every student to be able to feel that walking around campus is similar to walking the runway (Levin, n.d.).

Other fashion brands and companies can partner with CollegeFashionista by being one of their advertisers. CollegeFashionista already has partnerships with Amazon Fashion, American Eagle, Victoria’s Secret, and Maybelline (Sweeney 2014) They are also still accepting different advertisers to partner with. It will be exciting to see where this website started by a college student will go to next!



One thought on “What is your Campus Wearing?

  1. Thank you for posting this!!! I am currently in the midst of trying to get my body into “spring break shape” and I always spend at least thirty minutes before heading to the gym trying to figure out what to wear! After reading your post I am definitely going to go out and buy some bright work out gear so that I can feel super confident and motivated at the gym. Do you have any apparel suggestions or places you would recommend shopping? I am on a college budget, so its safe to say that lululemon is not really in my price range. Are there any other places you would recommend?

    — Jenny Fuller

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